Engenius EOA7535
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
No Longer Manufactured
Item # EOA7535
  • 54 Mbps Wireless-G Outdoor Access Point
  • Operates On 2.4GHz Frequency
  • 600mW for High Power Long Range Coverage
  • Wireless 802.11a/b/g Technology
  • Supports Power-over-Ethernet
  • Dual Radio Design
    - For Connection Stability & Reduced Interference
  • Detachable Omni Antenna
  • Supports Latest Security Standards
  • Designed for Harsh Outdoor Deployments

Deployment Configuration Modes:
- Wireless G Access Point
- Client Bridge
- Client Router
Engenius EOA7535
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty
The Engenius EOA7535 is a 802.11a/b/g outdoor dual radio repeater / access point. It is equipped with two powerful independent RF radios which support 802.11a and 802.11b/g. With industrial IP-68 rugged enclosure, RF Lightning Protector and Ethernet Surge Arrestor, it is designed to deliver the highest performance and reliability under harsh outdoor environment. Unique multi-function capability provides flexibility in constructing scalable WiFi networks for any possible applications. With two individual radios, each can be configured as 3 different operation modes with maximum of 5 combinations.

EOA7535 offers wireless bandwidth up to 54Mbps to accommodate busy traffic services. It supports wide-range of authentications and encryption standards; includes WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP/AES and IEEE 802.1X for maximum network security. Furthermore, user-friendly management interface reduces configuration time and complexity.

EOA7535 Features:

  • Outdoor Dual Radio Repeater
  • High Performance Dual Radio Design
    - Two High-Powered Independent Radios 802.11a & 802.11b/g
    - High-powered 600mW Wireless Power Provides Long Distance Link
  • Industrial IP68 Enclosure
    - Delivers Highest Reliable Performance Under Extreme Environments
  • Advanced Protection Mechanism
    - Features RF Lightning Protector & Ethernet Surge Arrestor
    - Ensures Maximum Product Stability Against any Incident
  • Multi Functional Device
    - Long Range Concurrent Dual Band AP/Bridge
    - Long Range Dual Radio Repeater
    - Flexible Solution f/ Various Network Topologies
  • Dual High-Gain Detachable Antennas
    - Features High-gain, Dual-band 5 dBi Antennas
    - Designed f/ Faster Throughput & Greater Coverage
    - Perfect f/ Both Point-to-Point & Point-to-MultiPoint Applications
    - Upgradeable Antenna to Increase Range & Receive Sensitivity
  • Multiple Wireless Names (AP Mode)
    - Broadcasts Multiple SSID's in one Device
    - Permits Different Levels of Network Access (VLAN Tagging)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (48V Proprietary) Capable
    - Power & Data Over one Single Cable f/ Convenient Installation
    - Power Injector Included
  • Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) Technology
    - Facilitates Bandwidth priority f/ VoIP call
    - Video Streaming, Online Gaming

Box Includes
  • 1 X Outdoor Dual Radio Repeater (EOA7535)
  • 1 X 48V/0.375A Power Adapter
  • 1 X Wall Mounting kit
  • 2 X Dipole Antennas
  • 1 X CD with User’s Manual
  • 1 X Quick Installation Guide (QIG)