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Headsets by Series

Plantronics Discovery Series Headsets

Plantronics Discovery Series are wireless Bluetooth IN THE EAR headsets with one touch controls and digital signal processing.

Plantronics Voyager Series Headsets

Plantronics Voyager Series are wireless Bluetooth OVER THE EAR headsets with noise-cancellation and up to 33 feet of speaking range.

Plantronics Explorer Series Headsets

Plantronics Explorer Series are wireless Bluetooth OVER THE EAR headsets that feature voice activated dialing and convertible fit.

Plantronics CS Series Headsets

CS Series are wireless business CONVERTIBLE headsets with 300 foot range and remote call answer/end capability.

Plantronics M Series Headsets

M Series headsets are wireless Bluetooth headsets with dual mics, DSP, wind reduction, and multiple wearing styles.

Plantronics K Series Headsets

Enjoy Digital Signal Processing Technology and hands free communication with the K series.

Plantronics Pulsar Series Headsets

Plantronics Pulsar Series are wireless Bluetooth STEREO headsets that allow you to switch between calls and music listening easily.

Plantronics SupraPlus Series Headsets

Plantronics SupraPlus Series are OVER THE HEAD headsets with noise-cancellation, voice tube technology and soft ear cushions.

Plantronics GameCom Series Headsets

Plantronics' GameCom Series are console and PC gaming headsets featuring both OVER THE HEAD and IN THE EAR designs.

Plantronics Supra Series Headsets

Plantronics Supra Series are OVER THE HEAD headsets with quick disconnect and soft cushions for all day comfort.

Plantronics Encore Series Headsets

Plantronics Encore Series are OVER THE HEAD headsets with sound enhancement systems and superior voice tube technology.

Plantronics DuoSet Series Headsets

Plantronics DuoSet are CONVERTIBLE over the head / over the ear headsets with noise cancellation and voice tube technology.

Plantronics DuoPro Series Headsets

Plantronics' DuoPro are CONVERTIBLE over the head / over the ear headsets with innovative Double T-Pad Headbands.

Plantronics Mirage/TriStar Series Headsets

Plantronics' Mirage / TriStar Series are OVER THE EAR headsets with unique lightweight three-point fit for added comfort.

Plantronics Calisto Series Headsets

Seamlessly Switch Between Landline,VoIP & Mobile Calls with Calisto Series.

Plantronics Audio Series Headsets

Audio Series are stereo headsets featuring 40mm speakers with studio quality audio and maximum bass.

Plantronics Starset Series Headsets

Plantronics Starset Series are IN THE EAR headsets with quick disconnect and hands-free convenience.

Plantronics Entera Series Headsets

Entera Series are OVER THE HEAD professional headsets with digitally-enhanced sound and USB connectivity.

Plantronics Backbeat Series Headsets

Backbeat Series are Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones for music & clear calls, featuring music streaming capabilities.

Plantronics MX Series Headsets

The MX Series headsets are perfect for use with cordless and mobile phones.

Plantronics Blackwire Series Headsets

Blackwire Series are Over The Head headsets with Soundguard and Hi-Fi Stereo Sound.

Plantronics Savi Series Headsets

Plantronics headsets are perfectly equipped for today's growing businesses, especially those in need of systems that carry top of the line features.