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Corded / Cordless Phones

AT&T SB67138 + (4) Handsets
Brand New Includes 2 Year Warranty
  • 4-Line Operation
  • Caller ID / Call Waiting
  • Expandable Up To 10 Handsets
  • DECT 6.0 Technology ajaxinfo
    - 1.9GHz Corded / Cordless Phone Combo
  • Digital Answering System
  • Voicemail Waiting Indicator
  • Music on Hold

  • 1 Corded Base
  • 4 Cordless Handsets / Chargers
  • FREE Extra Handset (SB67108)

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AT&T SB67138 + (4) Handsets
Brand New Includes 2 Year Warranty
The AT&T SB67138 + (4)SB67108 four-line corded base and cordless system offers expandability up to 10 handsets and features DECT 6.0 Zero Blind Slot Digital technology. This technology strengthens the radio signal in areas that normally have a weak signal to the base unit. Each extension handset provides individual voicemail , line status, and message waiting indication. It includes 5 extra handsets.

Mobile employees have easy access to push to talk, paging, call transfer and 3-way conferencing, You can choose between standard speakerphone or headset operation. The SB67118 speakerphone base supports 4 lines with 100 name and number phonebook directory, power failure protection and automated attendant. The SB67118 can also support up to 6 AT&T booster antennas / repeaters (sold separately). The repeaters extend the range between handset and base by 900 meters.

SynJ™ Extendable Range Phone Systems
SMB employees work in a variety of places, from small offices to the largest warehouses. The SynJ™ extendable range phone system provides cordless handset extensions, Push-to-Talk functionality, up to a half mile of extended range and mobile page and conferencing.

SB67138 + (4)SB67108 Features:
  • 100 Station Phone Directory / Dialer
  • 4-Line Operation
  • Caller ID / Call Waiting
  • Expandable Up To 10 Handsets
  • Dual Speakerphone (Base & Handset)
  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  • Lighted Keypad
  • 10 Station Speed Dial
  • 50 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory
  • Handset to Base / Handset Intercom
  • 3-Way Conferencing
  • Last 10 Number Redial
  • Selectable Ringtones
  • Handset / Ringer Volume Control
  • Speakerphone Volume Control
  • Bilingual Menu Support (English / Spanish)
  • Page
  • Chain Dial
  • Line In Use Indicator
  • 2.5mm Headset Jack
  • Call Transfer
  • New DECT 6.0 Technology
    - Interference Free Communication
    - Increased Clarity / Enhanced Security
    - Wider Range / Network Friendly
  • 1.9GHz Corded / Cordless Phone Combo
    - Dedicated for Cordless Phones by the FCC

    - 30% Battery Life Increase Over 5.8GHz
  • New Call Indicator
  • Music On Hold Compatible
  • Mute
  • 100 Minute Digital Answering System
  • - Voice Menu
    - Time and Day Stamp
    - Call Screening / Intercept
    - Remote Access
    - Memo Recording
    - Handset Message Access
    - Automated Attendant
  • Hold
  • Voicemail Waiting Indicator

Additional Handsets For This Model Are:

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