Business Phones

NEC SL1100 Package with 6 IP Phones (Black)
Brand New Includes 5 Year Warranty
Item# 1100013
  • SL1100 Main KSU
  • 6 IP 24 Button Corded Telephone
  • 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board
  • Includes 4 SIP Trunk ports
  • 2-Port InMail CompactFlash
  • Designation Sheets for 24-Button Telephones (Pkg of 25)


NEC SL1100 Package with 6 IP Phones (Black)
Brand New Includes 5 Year Warranty
Item# 1100013
This NEC SL1100 IP Quick-Start Kit with 24-Button Telephones (1100013) offers everything you need to manage the day-to-day operations of your small business. The main SL1100 Key Service Unit (1100010) has 8 Digital and 4 Analog line ports with expansion capabilities. It also features an ethernet port, 4 mobile extension ports, and 32 conference channel resources.

The 2-Port InMail CompactFlash (1100112) is a Voicemail Card that adds 84 Subscriber Mailboxes, 16 Routing Mailboxes, and 16 Group Mailboxes. Auto Attendant and other voicemail functions are included features as well.

The NEC 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board (1100111) is a 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board that provides 16 VoIP channels. It is equipped with 8-conductor jacks and ferrite core and is required for IP telephones & IP trunks. This daughter board can be expanded up to 32 VoIP channels with the 16-Channel VoIP Resource License and installs in a dedicated slot on the CPU-B1 board.

The NEC 24-Button IP Telephone (1100161) is an IP telephone. It has 9 fixed feature keys and navigation keys with programmable LED keys. The 24 button telephone has these unique features include energy saving sleep mode, dual-color call indicator lamp, built-in wall mounting, and an innovative two position angle adjustment. The full duplex speakerphone gives clear sound for handsfree usage. It is equipped with (2) RJ45 jacks for LAN and PC connections. The telephone do not require a SIP Station License.

NEC 1100013 Features:

  • SL1100 Main KSU:
    • CPU Board
    • 8 Digital x 4 Analog Station Board
    • Voice Mail Daughter Board
    • Memory Daughter Board
    • Power Supply
    • 8.5 Foot AC Cable
    • Analog Station Ring Supply
    • MW Lamp Driver
  • 6 Digital 24 Button Corded Telephones:
    • Full Duplex Speakerphone
    • Backlit 3-Line/24-Character Display
    • 9 Fixed Feature Keys & Navigation Keys
    • Programmable Keys w/ Red/Green LEDs
    • 1000 Number Personal Directory
    • 24 User Programmable Function Keys
    • Pre-Loaded On-Hold Music
    • Professional Auto-Attendant Greeting
    • Adjustable Angle
    • Headset Port
    • Energy Saving Sleep Mode
    • Wall Mountable
  • 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board
    • Equipped w/ 8-Conductor Jack & Ferrite Core
    • Maximum 3 Per Main & 3 Per Expansion KSU
    • Required For IP Telephones & IP Trunks
    • Expandable Up To 32 VoIP Channels
    • 16-Channel VoIP Resource License
    • Installs In Dedicated Slot On CPU-B1 Board
  • 2-Port InMail CompactFlash:
    • Automated Attendant
    • 116 Mailboxes

    What's in the Box?
    • SL1100 Main KSU (0 x 8 x 4)
    • 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board
    • 2-Port InMail CompactFlash
    • 6 IP 24-Button Telephones-Black (1100161)
    • Designation Sheets for 24-Button Telephones (Pkg of 25)